Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Overview: The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) teaches you the fundamentals of flight and airmanship. This is an exciting course that will see you progress from your very first flight, through to your first solo (flying on your own) and then flying confidently alone. At the end of your training you will complete a flight test and (upon successful completion) be awarded a CAA PPL (A). The CAA PPL (A) is a licence that allows unrestricted visual flight anywhere in the UK. 


Course breakdown:

1. Ground school: multiple-choice examinations

2. Total flying: 45 hours

3. Dual flying: 25-35 hours

4. Solo flying: 10 hours



- Current EASA class 2 medical certificate before first solo flight

- Minimum age: 18


Course fee:
We can train students on the Diamond DA40 and Piper PA28. Current PPL course fees are as follows:

- Diamond DA40: £14,935 including VAT (where applicable).

- Piper PA28: £13,015 including VAT (where applicable). 


Fee includes:
All PPL courses at FTA include:

- 45 flying hours *

- Full instruction*

- Fuel*

- 30 landing fees (EGKA)

- 20 touch & go (EGKA)

- Training in both EFIS (Garmin 1000) and standard

* Additional hours required will be charged at the normal hourly rate.
* Any medical, test and CAA fees incur an additional charge.