Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Overview: Do you want to pilot a plane for private use, or as part of your Frozen ATPL training? The EASA-PPL allows unrestricted flying throughout Europe. It is the most flexible of the PPL options and is the preferred choice for commercial pilot students following the modular route.


Course breakdown:

1. Ground school: multiple-choice examinations

2. Total flying: 45 hours

3. Dual flying: 25-35 hours

4. Solo flying: 10 hours



- Current EASA class 2 medical certificate before first solo flight

- Minimum age: 18


Course fee:
We can train students on the Diamond DA40. Current PPL course fees are as follows:

- Diamond DA40: £12,025 including VAT (where applicable).


Fee includes:
All PPL courses at FTA include:

- 45 flying hours *

- Full instruction*

- Fuel*

- 30 landing fees (EGKA)

- 20 touch & go (EGKA)

- Training in both EFIS (Garmin 1000) and standard

* Additional hours required will be charged at the normal hourly rate.
* Any medical, test and CAA fees incur an additional charge.