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Our Modular Programmes

An alternative to FTA’s Integrated Flight Deck Programme, is modular training.

If you’re looking for a career as a commercial airline pilot, this approach still allows you to go from Zero to Frozen ATPL, but enables you to set the pace. This is a popular choice for students who want to alternate between training and part- or full-time employment.

You can also simply take individual courses, such as the Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL), subject to meeting the course pre-requisites.

What training modules do I need to complete to gain my fATPL?

Students following the modular route complete several individual courses until they achieve all qualifications, licences and ratings for their Frozen ATPL, which enables them to apply for a First Officer position at a commercial airline.

The time it takes to complete the necessary training on a module by module basis depends on the individual’s pace. As a guide, students on full-time attendance generally complete within 24 months. 

Training modules:

The modular course is highly comprehensive and structured. It’s designed to deliver the required training to the highest standard in the most flexible way. To achieve a frozen ATPL, students need to complete the following training:

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

Night Rating (NR)

Hour Building (not currently available at FTA).

ATPL Theory (Ground School)

MEP Rating

Multi Engine Instrument Rating (ME IR)

Multi Engine Commercial Pilot Licence (ME CPL)

Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT) (Available through our training partners, Flight Performance Training).

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC/JOC)